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American Roots Recording Artist

Dust Bowl - American Stories

Come live the struggles and ultimately the triumph of the Dust Bowl. On this epic album, three years in the making, Grant Maloy Smith will take you on a trip back through time, to the American Great Plains of the 1930s. America had become the bread basket of the world by learning how to plow the prairie grass up and turn it into wheat, cotton, and other valuable crops. But over-farming, combined with a terrible drought that went on year after year, turned lush farmland into a wasteland. Thousands of tons of dirt simply blew away, rising up into terrible “black rollers” that ravaged the hardy people of the Plains. But within the hardship lie stories of love, joy, and the solid backbone of the American rancher and farmer. These stories are told in each song on this album.

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Video of “Old Black Roller”

The first song from the album can he heard below. People of the Great Plains called the giant storms of dirt and dust “black rollers” - because when they rolled across the Plains they turned day into night. You could be in your own front yard and yet unable to find your front door because of the winds and blinding dust. Giant storms called up thousands of tons of topsoil and deposited as far away as Washington DC, New York city, and Boston. At the height of the Dust Bowl, the snow came down tinged with red from Oklahoma dirt on the east coast of America.

The Booklet

Each Dust Bowl CD package contains a 20 page booklet that contains the lyrics and credits for each song, as well as photos from the Dust Bowl. You can click the four-arrow icon to expand the booklet to make it easier to read.

Pre-order Dust Bowl and Get an Autographed Copy Right Away!

Fans who pre-order a copy of Dust Bowl will receive a copy that Grant will personally sign and dedicate to whatever name you prefer. Please use the form below to order your copy today. He will also include a signed 4” x 9” picture with each order. Albums ordered here will be delivered right away!

UPC code: 700261453729
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