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American Roots Recording Artist

Yellow Trailer

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Going headlong into the album, the first thing you experience is the pronounced Midwestern drawl ever present in Grant’s voice, and the amazing banjo work on “The Boy Who Built The Moon,” a song that is in and of itself a fun and faithful bluegrass tune that sets Yellow Trailer up for success right away. Smith’s lyrical work is just as impressive from track to track, staying try to folk style storytelling in music while keeping it sounding fresh and enjoyable. The elements of old and new combine so well that fans of country and bluegrass will find it an easily addictive sound, while the small pop seasoning gives it a kick for a more modern taste. The two best songs on the release are the title track (Yellow Trailer), and the conclusion “Hold On To Moments.” Both present themselves with the most charisma and personality derived in the songwriting, and possess the vital pieces, including mandolin, fiddle, banjo, slide/resonator and acoustic guitar, in the most subtle of ways.
~ Joe Cirilo, The Aquarian
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Order Yellow Trailer Here and Get an Autographed Copy

Fans who order a copy of Yellow Trailer here will receive a copy that Grant will personally sign and dedicate to whatever name you prefer. Please use the form below to order your copy today. He will also include a signed 4” x 9” picture with each order.
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Yellow Trailer album cover
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